Joanne GaleaJoanne Galea | (Building Designer, QLD)

In doing this course I gained knowledge and a change in my level of awareness of the toxins in our build environment. I feel much more informed and can apply these principles in my work as a Building Designer. The resources and templates have been of great help to me. The assessments are comprehensive and valuable with a high level of research, something you would expect from a University degree and equips ACES students with the values of research.

The Building Biology course has been “the icing on the cake” for my educational process to become a Biological Building Designer. This course has prepared me and equipped me with the tools and skills I need to provide genuinely healthy building designs.

The teachers offered guidance, as well as a passion, with the objective to help ourselves as students, as well as everyone in our community to be aware of built environmental toxins and how to make better choices for the health of us all.