logos11The Mould Testing Technician course is the only government accredited mould course in Australia to certify mould assessors. It has been developed for building managers, trades (building and construction), industrial hygienists, mould remediators, professional cleaners, building biologists, pest controllers, health practitioners and members of the public who want a career that involves conducting an assessment of a water-damaged building (WDB). The course is 150 hours in duration and involves7 evenings of online training PLUS 12 weeks of self-directed online learning PLUS field training (see below). You will learn how to use indoor air quality meters, moisture meters, thermal cameras, swabs and biopumps, and the environmental relative mould index (ERMI) including a discussion of their limitations. Participants will be given a professional mould report template and access to reports they can use in their work. Numerous case studies will be presented to consolidate the information in the course. Whilst the course will discuss what is required to remediate a water-damaged building, the focus will be on mould testing, NOT mould remediation (it does not qualify you to work as a mould remediator).

In this course you will learn: sample2

    1. the latest scientific evidence for the impact of dampness on human health,
    2. how to take an exposure history,
    3. conduct a site inspection for sources and signs of moisture ingress,
    4. conduct moisture mapping,
    5. establish the boundary of fungal particulate spread,
    6. undertake biological monitoring (air, dust and surface sampling),
    7. analyse laboratory results and compare to relevant exposure standards,
    8. implement workplace safety and risk management,
    9. how to write professional reports.


What will I receive when I successfully complete this course?

Upon successful completion, you will receive a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment for NAT10913005 Conduct an assessment of a water-damaged building, a Certificate stating you have completed the 'Mould Testing Technician' course and a plastic ID card to verify you are an ACES certified Mould Testing Technician.


You must be at least 18 years of age; apart from that there are no prerequisites and we assume no previous knowledge or experience.



Online live Zoom meeting 
**Field Training Options
(Choose from ONE of the following options)
Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th February 2022 
AND Monday 21st & 28th February (7 to 9pm)

OPTION 1: attend one of the following field trips

Year 2022

  • Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April  Venue: MelbourneVIC
  • Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April Venue: Sydney, NSW
  • Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April Venue: Perth, Western Australia


OPTION 2: Hire the equipment from ACES and conduct an assessment of your own home. Cost to hire is $395 (includes 6 lab samples valued at $420). Conditions apply.
OPTION 3: If you have your own equipment (restorers, remediators, hyienists) you can conduct an assessment of a WDB of your choice. Conditions apply.


Field training and COVID

Whilst most (>90%) of the course is conducted online, in order to gain the practical skills, students are required to undertake two days of field training. In order to participate and comply with COVID guidelines, students will only be required to undertake a rapid antigen test (saliva or nasal) on the day of the field training to ensure they are COVID negative, undertake social distancing and use of sanitiser (conditions may change subject to state requirements). This will incur an additional $15 cost. International and remote students and those impacted by travel restrictions may have the option to hire the equipment from ACES (conditions apply) or to use their own equipment providing it satisifes the assessment guidelines. The college has provided additional online resources to coach students on how to conduct assessments remotely.


The assessments are designed to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and templates to conduct mould testing. You will be required to submit a questionnaire, checklist and report, and complete an online quiz. You will gain access to professional mould reports and be provided with a mould report template that can be used in your business. 


Total cost is $1,995 plus $15 rapid antigen test (saliva or nasal) for those participating in the field training (during COVID mandates). The course cost includes access to all of the online learning materials (downloadable comprehensive manual, videos of the lectures, access to peer reviewed papers) from the day of enrolment, PLUS seven evenings of live online training PLUS field training (note an additional cost of $395 is required for those who choose OPTION 2 to hire the equipment from ACES). Students will be provided with the contact details of their trainer for the duration of the course. Most of the material is provided online and students are not required to buy any equipment to attend this training, however you will be required to purchase three text books: ANSI/IICRC S520-2015 Standard and R520 Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation; and the book Healthy Home Healthy Family. It is students responsibility to bring their own full face respirator (preferably one that has been fit tested) to the field trip. For details about this, contact the college.


Successful completion of the Mould Testing course will be credited towards the Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10913NAT). 


The course can be undertaken entirely online to cater for international students, those impacted by travel restrictions, and students who chose not to reveal their vaccination status. To undertake the field training component of the course, these students have the option to hire the equipment from ACES (conditions apply) or to use their own equipment providing it satisifes the assessment guidelines. The college has provided additional online classes to coach students on how to conduct assessments remotely.

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