Government Funding Grants are Available Now if You Want to Study Our Courses

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You can use the latest funding grants from the Australian government to study all the courses offered at the Australian College of Environmental Studies. These grants are available for those who are mid career and would like to study something different or for workers over 40 who’d like to learn a new skill. Most courses are available on Zoom now so you can study from anywhere in Australia.

By taking up a new course, you’ll be able to study a new skill or equip yourself for a new job. These funding grants apply to all of the Australian College of Environmental Studies courses so you’ll be able to pay a much reduced fee for all of our courses including: Professional Building Biologist; Professional Feng Shui Consultant; Mould Testing Technician; Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician; and Designing a Healthy Home Course

For more information you can call Busy at Work on 13 28 79.

Information about the Mid Career funding grants can be found at the Mid Career Checkpoint website.

You may be eligible for the Mid Career Checkpoint program if:

  • You’ve left paid employment for 6 months or more to undertake caring responsibilities.
  • You’re looking to return to the workforce.
  • You’ve recently returned to the workforce in the last 18 months after undertaking 6 months of caring responsibilities.

You can also be eligible if you’ve worked in certain industries which are designated as female-dominated and you’re at risk of unemployment. If you’re from New Zealand you may also be eligible if you arrived here in Australia before February 26th 2021. For a full list of who is eligible, take a look at the Mid Career Checkpoint website.

You may be eligible for the Skills Checkpoint Program if you’re 40 years or older and:

  • You’re an Australian resident.
  • You’re currently employed and at risk of entering the income support system.
  • You’re recently unemployed (within 12 months) and not registered with an Australian Government employment services provider.
  • You’ve completed a Skills Checkpoint assessment which identifies training opportunities.

For a full list of who’s eligible, take a look at the Skills Checkpoint Program website.

To take a look at what courses you can do at the Australian College of Environmental Studies, take a look at our courses here.