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Thursday, 24th October @ 8:15pm (AEDT)

Thinking about studying with us? Want a financially rewarding career that improves the health of the community? Then you're in the right place! Find out about our nationally accredited training in Building Biology, Mould Testing Technician, Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician and Feng Shui Practitioner courses. If you have any questions about our courses, email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or ring us (1300 889 845). To register for the college information session, please add your name and email address and click the "Register" button below.




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    Upcoming FREE Webinars

    Chinese Astrology, world events and human evolution. Where are we heading? Thursday 23rd September at 8pm


    Your Chinese Astrological birth chart provides the lens through which you engage and participate in the world from the type of people you attract in your life, to your career(s) and life partner or lack there of. Far from being victims, our birth chart provides an opportunity to face our shadow self, understand and metabolise our fears, so we can wake up and remember we are creators of our own destiny. Using case studies as examples, and the current Year of the Ox and upcoming Year of the Tiger, Vic will explore the context of the challenging world situation humanity is called to face in the next stage of evolution. 

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    Future Webinars


    Tips to building a healthy home. Thursday 11th November @ 8pm.

    FREE Past Webinars

    How to avoid buying or renting a lemon. Part 3: AIR POLLUTANTS. Watch webinar HERE (August 2021)

    How to avoid buying or renting a lemon. Part 2: ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS. Watch webinar HERE (July 2021)

    How to Avoid buying or renting a lemon. Part 1: MOULD. Watch webinar HERE. (May 2021)

    How Feng Shui can improve your relationships. Watch webinar HERE. (April 2021).

    Mould, the Residential Tenancies Act and Implications for Real Estate Agents & Landlords (March 2021). Watch webinar HERE

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