Pre-Course and Language and Literacy Review

Complete Pre-Course and Language and Literacy Review

It is a requirement of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) that all students intending to enrol on an Australian accredited course participate in a pre-course review

This is done to ensure that the student is informed about the course and the policies of the training provider with which they are intending to enrol. In addition, we need to ensure you have the literacy and numeracy skills to successfully complete the course. Please complete the following and should you have any questions about this review, please contact the college. This may take around 10 minutes.

    Check the boxes below as applicable:

    Please complete the Language, Literacy and Numeracy evaluation for entry to this course.

    1. Why do you want to enrol in this course?

    2. Which topic in the course interests you the most?

    3. What is your experience working in this field? If you have not worked in this field, include any experience you have gained working in related industries (health, medical, building and construction, restoration, remediation, interior design, architect, building designer or personal health issues)

    4. Which of the following are the ways you find that you learn best? Tick each that applies to you.

    5. Which of the following learned skills do you bring into this course?

    Tick if you have these skills. Leave blank if you do not have the skill or if you are not sure.

    6. A home originally built in the 1950s is currently undergoing renovations on the day you conduct your assessment. Which of the following hazards are you concerned about? (You may tick more than one response)

    7. You notice the ceiling of the ensuite bathroom is covered in visible mould. What measure(s) do you take to protect yourself?

    8. A client has a bull mastiff dog in the backyard. As you are required to access the backyard to conduct your assessment, what do you do?

    9. You are required to look into the roof cavity for condensation and mould. What protection should you consider?

    10. A client becomes visibly distressed after you informed them that their house needs significant mould remediation. How do you react?

    11. Which of the following is a measure of temperature? (Tick the correct answer only.)

    12. Which of the following is a measure of relative humidity? (Tick the correct answer only.)

    13. In the following table, complete the column requiring the total number of hours and minutes

    Time Activity Total Hours and Minutes
    8.00am to 9.50am Household chores
    9.50am to 12.10pm Shopping
    12.10pm to 12.45pm Lunch
    12.45pm to 7.00pm Study and prepare for work

    14. Read the following article and answer the questions below.

    The success or failure of the business depends on excellent customer relations. It is important the business consultant to be able to listen carefully, respond appropriately to requests and to accurately describe the information given to you. These are key to good communication, and in the building biology industry communication is the key to meeting new clients, understanding the clients’ needs, discussing their issues and concerns with their site, and giving correct and easy to understand information which makes sure the client is satisfied with your service. Thorough and clear communication should result in both you and the client being satisfied with your services.

    15. Some of the following words are not spelled correctly?

    • The temprature was too high and broke the glass sorcepan.
    • The building was scatered with broken pieces of metel and wood and fibaglass.
    • Building Biologists are very interested in the building enviroment.
    • The best form of advertising is by personal referal and testimonys.
    • Most course graduats are pleased that they know conciderably more than when they started the course.