Australasian Society of Building Biologists

Established in 2007, the Australasian Society of Building Biologists has helped to educate the public, businesses, health practitioners and the government about Building Biology.

The association consists of building biologists who have undertaken government accredited training at the Australian College of Environmental Studies. Our members are highly sought to speak to related industry groups including building designers, architects, cleaners, mould remediators, general practitioners and health professionals amongst many others and some have been used as expert witnesses in court.

The members provide services in:

 Australasian Society of Building Biologists

  • Air sampling
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Healthy building design
  • Complete building biology consultation
  • Electromagnetic field testing
  • Geomancy
  • Green and non-toxic products
  • Healthy and green building materials
  • Mould inspection
  • Pre-purchase/lease inspections
  • Radiofrequency/phone tower testing and shielding
  • Water filters

Building Biology considers all aspects of the indoor environment in which we live and work for an average of 90% of our lives. The buildings in which we live and work should support and enhance the wellbeing of everyone in that building. Unfortunately, Sick Building Syndrome is a common reality in Australia. Building Biology has been practised in Europe since the early 1970’s but is relatively new and underutilised in Australia. It is the goal of this association to create a much greater awareness of Building Biology and the principles that govern it.

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