Mentorship Program


What is the Mentorship Program?

The Mentorship Program has been specifically designed for ACES graduates* to enable them to participate in group discussions to problem-solve challenging case studies, gain a second opinion and listen to industry experts about recent developments in their field. Abit like a coach.

  • New to the industry or just lacking the confidence to start working?
  • Experienced in your field but feeling isolated and would benefit from discussing tricky jobs with like-minded individuals?
  • We understand it can be nerve-wracking when you’ve just graduated and want to start your own business especially if you are new to the industry.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to be able to talk to an industry expert about tricky jobs to steer you in the right direction?

Benefits of the program:

  • Participate in group discussions to problem-solve challenging case studies
  • Gain a second opinion from experienced professionals
  • Build and grow your professional network by liaising with like-minded professionals
  • Boost your confidence by listening to interesting and complex case studies presented by professionals with years of experience
  • Listen to guest speakers who will provide tips on case study interpretation
  • Learn tips to hone your craft

The program consists of monthly online (zoom) sessions conducted over ten months. Each session will start with a guest lecturer discussing a case study or topic for up to one hour, followed by an open discussion of case studies. All sessions are recorded so you can listen to them even if you can’t make the session. Attendance is not compulsory and there are no assessments.

*ACES Graduate: must have completed the Mould Testing Subject OR Ct IV in Feng Shui to be eligible

  Mould Mentorship Feng Shui Mentorship
Structure: Monthly zoom sessions (x 10) Monthly zoom sessions (x 10)
Dates Last Tuesday of the month First Wednesday of the month
28th February
28th March
25th April
30th May
27th June
25th July
29th August,
26th September
31st October
28th November
1st March (Vic Ketis Year of Rabbit)
5th April (Katina Benis, Google maps)
3rd May (Vic, analysing floorplans)
7th June (Katina, wealth creation)
5th July (Katina, dowsing)
2nd August (Pascale Osanz, Colour Therapy)
6th September (Katina, house design)
4th October (Salwa Abboud)
1st November (Janene Laird, Business audits)
6th December (Katina)
Time 7pm to 9.15pm 7pm to 9.15pm
Investment $297 Pay HERE $297 Pay HERE

For more information on the ACES Mentorship Program, call us on 1300 889 845 or email