Payment Options

Whilst the college does not accept upfront payment for the entire course, students are required to pay as they enrol in a subject (fee for service).

ACES provides fee information for courses, text books and any equipment required to clients prior to enrolment, via the Statement of Fees (HERE). Payments for individual subjects can be made via credit card over the phone (1300 889 845), PayPal (4% fee) or direct deposit into the ACES bank account (contact the college for an invoice). Students enrolling in a subject, are required to pay the subject fee before they are provided with log-in details. As the college is unable to accept fees for a subject in excess of $1500, students enrolling in the Mould Testing , Electrobiology or Sampling Methods subjects will only be required to pay a $1500 deposit. The final payment of $995 for these subjects will be processed after you have accessed the online course materials and before the online ZOOM sessions begin.

Part Payment Options:

Students who are unable to pay for a subject upfront may choose to pay over several payments using a valid credit card.  The following conditions apply:

  • For a subject valued at $895, we require a $250 upfront deposit and then a weekly payment of $70 for ten consecutive weeks. This includes a $55 processing fee.
  • For a subject valued at $2495, we require a $600 upfront deposit and then a weekly payment of $200 for ten consecutive weeks. This includes a $105 processing fee.
  • Students have ten weeks to pay off the subject from the day of enrolment when paying by instalment.
  • Where a payment is declined, a $25 processing fee will be charged and the student will be notified by text. Another transaction will be attempted the next working day.
  • If a payment is missed for more than 6 days, or payment has been declined on more than 3 occasions, the student will be withdrawn from the subject.
  • Students who withdraw from the subject who have already accessed the course materials for more than 7 days, will not be eligible to enrol in another subject or the same subject, until the entire debt has been paid.
  • Students must provide a valid credit card to accept this option (no other payment options accepted).
  • Students are required to sign the ‘Payment Agreement Form’.

Students are given ten weeks from the commencement of the subject to finalise payment when paying by instalment. Where approval has been given for a student to pay by instalment, ACES is responsible for the collection of outstanding fees and charges. Fair and adequate recovery procedures are in place to manage the collection and recovery of monies. Students who have fallen behind in their payments will not be enrolled in additional subjects until payment is received.

For more information, refer to our Fees and Refund Policy HERE.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our training or courses please call us (1300 889 845) and we will be happy to help you with your query!