Frequently Asked Questions

Intro text here, these FAQ’s the Electromagnetic Field Testing Technician course provides the theoretical and practical knowledge to conduct electromagnetic field testing of the built environment and provide strategies to address exposure and/or source control and abatement.

Can I do the entire course online?

Whilst most of the Building Biology and Feng Shui courses can be completed online, in order to fulfill the practical component, you will be required to attend an intensive. For Building Biology, this will be held in Melbourne, Victoria; for Feng Shui this will be held in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. All online subjects come with a comprehensive manual, videos of the lectures and access to a tutor (email support). As our students come from all over Australia and abroad, we do not offer any other mode of delivery.

Is the Building Biology practical intensive held in any other capital city apart from Melbourne?

The Melbourne venue has been specifically chosen to conduct the building biology training because our lecturers are based in Melbourne; the venue is ideal to replicate a real case indoor air quality scenario; and lastly the college is required to hire a range of technical air sampling equipment from a variety of companies – all based in Melbourne. The Mould Testing subject is also held in Sydney.

What support will I receive during my training?

You will have access to a tutor for the duration of the subject (12 weeks). This is largely self directed – you will initiate contact as the need arises. Some students choose to contact their tutor on a regular basis, whilst other students only make contact when they submit their assessments. The tutor will touch base during your studies to see how you are progressing with the subject. In addition, we recommend that you join the Australasian Society of Building Biologists as a student member to keep abreast of upcoming expos, events, news and building biology related information.

Are there any prerequisites to do the course?

You are required to be at least 18 years of age to study our courses. Apart from that, there are no other prerequisites. Basic mathematics of at least year 10 standard is helpful (but not necessary) to do the calculations in the air sampling subject in the Building Biology course. Students should be motivated and willing to put the time required to successfully complete their studies.

Can I do a subject out of interest rather than enrol in the entire course?

Yes. You can do whatever subject you like (providing there are no prerequisites) and are not required to submit any assessments, however you will not receive a formal Statement of Attainment or qualification.

Do I need to buy equipment or books?

Comprehensive manuals and videos are provided in most subjects. These manuals along with the learning guides, will provide an extensive list of useful websites which will significantly reduce the amount of texts required in the course. Furthermore, the videos of the lectures will enable you to review your lectures as often as you like! Building Biology students will be required to purchase some books (five in total), whilst Feng Shui students will be required to purchase two books. With regards to equipment, Feng Shui students will be required to buy a compass ($29.95) available at the college whilst Building Biology students will be required to purchase a combined hygro-thermometer for the Air Pollution subject (available at electronic stores). The equipment used to conduct air sampling and electromagnetic field testing will be discussed when you attend the intensive. Please do not buy any equipment until you have attended the intensive.

How much homework is involved?

Students should set aside at least 10 hours of homework every week to complete each subject within the required time period of 12 weeks. Please take this into consideration when enrolling. If you intend to apply for Austudy, you will be required to do a 3/4 or full time load and should expect to set aside up to three days per week over one year (Certificate IV in Feng Shui) and two years (Advanced Diploma of Building Biology) to complete the course in the required time frame.

I have not studied for many years. Will I be able to cope?

We attract mature age students many of whom have not studied for many years, or even decades. We have addressed this issue by providing you with a student handbook which contains essential information on college policies and procedures, as well as how to write an essay and Referencing Guide. Writing essays and referencing can be challenging the first time round, so students are free to discuss any concerns with their tutor. We can give you examples of good essay writing and steer you in the right direction. Remember we are here to help you succeed!

Do I need computer skills?

The course is primarily offered online which means you can start any time of the year. Apart from accessing the course materials and communicating with your tutor online, you will be required to search the internet, develop questionnaires, checklists, essays and submit reports as part of your assessments. If you are not familiar with how to use a computer, we suggest you do a course at a Tafe or Neighbourhood house before you enrol in the course.

Can I apply for credits for prior learning?

Business Skills: Students who have completed the unit BSBSBM404 Undertake (small) business planning from a Tafe or Registered Training Organisation may receive an automatic exemption from the Business Skills subject at no cost. Students who have studied a business related subject at Tafe or University or have run their own small business AND can supply a comprehensive business plan, are encouraged to apply for a Recognition of Prior Learning.

Building Design: Students who have a background in building or architecture may want to apply for an exemption from the building design subject if they can provide as evidence a building project that specifically addresses the health hazards in the home.

Electricity Fundamentals: Electricians and electrical engineers may wish to apply for an exemption from the Electricity Fundamentals subject and will be required to submit their current license, academic record and resume as evidence of their knowledge / experience. Click here for the Recognition of Prior Learning Form and send it along with your documentation along with a $250 fee. This is non-refundable regardless of the outcome.

How does this course differ to other international courses?

Unlike most courses offered in other countries, the Feng Shui and Building Biology courses are the first full time government accredited courses of their kind. As a nationally accredited course, we must ensure that graduates have the knowledge and the skills required to conduct audits in feng shui OR electromagnetic fields, indoor air quality, mould and allergens. Consequently our Building Biology graduates have been used as expert witnesses in legal disputes.

What does it mean to be accredited?

National accreditation was initially developed for the Feng Shui course to set a benchmark in the high quality and delivery of Feng Shui training with extensive field experience. Consequently, our graduates were instrumental in establishing both the Association of Feng Shui Consultants and International Feng Shui Association industry groups. National accreditation was also developed for the Building Biology course as an increasing number of our graduates were being asked to provide comments on tenant/landlord related disputes, VCAT disputes, the effectiveness of post mould remediation, advice from architects and draft persons to implement healthy building design and referral from integrative physicians to identify potential health hazards in patients homes with idiopathic multimorbidities such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  • Graduates of the college receive a government qualification that is recognised in a court of law, by ASQA the Australian national regulator for vocational education and training, and by all tertiary institutions Australia wide.
  • Lecturers and tutors are industry experts with formal teaching qualifications.
  • Extensive field training to complement the theory is what stands us apart from our competitors.
  • Government funding (Austudy) may be available for eligible students.
  • Students are eligible to join the associations at the highest levels.