Designing a Healthy Home

40% of new builds in temperate climates experience condensation and mould-related issues by their first winter. A new build does not equate to a healthy home.

The ‘tight’ configuration of new builds dramatically increases their risk of condensation and mould, and the lack of passive ventilation may expose the occupants to elevated levels of chemicals out gassing from building materials, glues, sealants and paints. In addition, the location of the smart meter, solar inverter and Wi-Fi enabled devices, and the impact of metal building materials may inadvertently increase the occupant’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation that may contribute to sleep disorders. All of this could be avoided if basic healthy home principles are considered at the design stage.

Who is this course for?

This 6 month part time course consists of two subjects and is conducted online, so you can start at anytime of the year. It is suitable for anyone thinking about building or renovating their own home, as well as architects, building designers and licensed builders.  It provides the knowledge and the skills to assess a building material’s impact on indoor air quality, and provides useful design principles to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields and prevent condensation and mould-related problems with a focus on suitable designs for temperate, hot humid and arid climates. This course does not provide the information on how to build a home or draw architectural plans, rather it provides the key principles so you can provide recommendations and considerations of the principles that underpin a healthy home in consultation with the build team (architects, building designers…).

What will I receive when I successfully complete this course?

Upon successful completion, students will receive a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment. Completion of this course does not permit members of the public who have are no formal qualifications in the building, architectural or building biology industry to provide advice on building a healthy home. The units of competence for this course form part of the Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10194NAT).


Minimum age requirement is 18 years old. Apart from that, there are no prerequisites and we assume no previous knowledge in building, architecture or building design.


Subject Cost Online /On campus Learner Guide Prerequisite
Building Materials $895 Online only Download No


Building Design (Healthy Home) $895 Online only Download Yes (Building Materials)



The assessments are specifically developed to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to design healthy homes. There are two assessments: an essay on life cycle analysis, and a building project that requires you to analyse all of the building materials in your home for their impact on human health, indoor air quality and the electroclimate. To achieve this, you will learn about the Building Biology Rating Criteria. You will receive a Statement of Attainment following successful completion of these two unit of competencies.


Total cost is $1,790 ($895 per subject) which includes comprehensive manuals, videos of the lectures and access to a trainer.


Successful completion of the Building Materials and Building Design subjects can be credited towards the nationally accredited course: Advanced Diploma of Building Biology (10913NAT).