Frequently Asked Questions

Designing a Healthy Home FAQ’s

With the shift towards energy efficient buildings, few building designers have considered the adverse impact this may have on the health of the occupants.

Can I do the entire course online?

The course is only available online, as such you are not required to attend any on campus classes.

What support will I receive during my training?

You will have access to a tutor for the duration of the subject (14 weeks). This is largely self directed – you will initiate contact as the need arises. Some students choose to contact their tutor on a regular basis, whilst other students only make contact when they submit their assessments.

Are there any prerequisites to do the course?

You are required to be at least 18 years of age to study our courses. Apart from that, there are no prerequisites and we assume no previous knowledge in building, architecture or building design.

Can I do a subject out of interest?

Yes you can, however if you don’t complete the assessments, then a Certificate and Academic Record will not be provided.

Do I need to buy equipment or books?

Comprehensive manuals and DVDs are provided in both subjects. These manuals along with the student learning guides, will provide an extensive list of useful websites which will significantly reduce the amount of texts required for the course. You will be required to obtain a copy of the ‘Your Home Technical Manual” which is free online, or the hard copy can be purchased through the college.

How much homework is involved?

Students should set aside at least 8 hours of homework every week to complete each subject within 14 weeks. Please take this into consideration when enrolling.

I have not studied for many years. Will I be able to cope?

We attract mature age students many of whom have not studied for many years, or even decades. We have addressed this issue by providing you with a student handbook outlining what is required. The student handbook contains essential information on college policies and procedures, as well as how to write an essay and use the Harvard referencing system. Writing essays and referencing can be challenging the first time round, so students are free to discuss any concerns with their lecturer or tutor. We can give you examples of good essay writing and steer you in the right direction. With each subject you will be assigned a tutor with whom you can ask questions. Remember we are here to help you succeed!

Do I need computer skills?

This is an online course so you will need a computer to be able to access the course materials and to be able to communicate with your tutor. In addition you will be required to search the internet and submit reports as part of your assessments. If you are not familiar with how to use a computer, we suggest you do a course at a Tafe or Neighbourhood house before you enrol in the course.

Can I apply for credits for prior learning?

Students who have a background in building or architecture may want to apply for an exemption from the building design subject if they can provide as evidence a building project that specifically addresses the health hazards in the home. Contact administration for an RPL form and send it along with your documentation along with a $250 fee. This is non-refundable regardless of the outcome.

Any Questions?

More detail about college policies and procedures are available in ACES Student Handbook. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our training please call us (1300 889 845) and we will be happy to help you with your query!