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EMF Testing

EMF Refresher Course

WHY DO THE EMF TESTING REFRESHER COURSE? Prerequisite: successfully completed the Electrobiology subject CPD Points: 20 (ASBB) Duration: 20 hours EMF testing is one of the most challenging skills we undertake as Building Biologists/EMF testing technicians, and the past five years has seen an explosion of Wi-Fi-enabled digital devices flooding the market. It can be overwhelming [...]

Mould Refresher Course

Gone are the days that we do a couple of samples, confirm the house has a mould issue, provide a general report that could apply to almost any house, and pass the buck to a remediator. Your job is far more complicated than that. WHY DO THE MOULD TESTING REFRESHER COURSE? Prerequisite: successfully completed the [...]
Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

What is the Mentorship Program? The Mentorship Program has been specifically designed for ACES graduates* to enable them to participate in group discussions to problem-solve challenging case studies, gain a second opinion and listen to industry experts about recent developments in their field. Abit like a coach. New to the industry or just lacking the confidence [...]