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Christine McGregor<span class=Feng Shui Consultant">

Christine McGregorFeng Shui Consultant

I am so excited to have completed the Feng Shui course at ACES as it has provided me with an amazing insight into a variety of areas – traditional feng shui, geomancy, healthy homes – that I am very passionate about. Life-changing. Thank you.

Jeanette Williams<span class=Building Biologist">

Jeanette WilliamsBuilding Biologist

Nicole, the people you have working for you in the Building Biology course at ACES are an absolute credit to you. I found Raphael and Katina to be amazing tutors who always took the time to explain concepts that I hadn’t fully understood.

Kate Creevey<span class=">

Kate Creevey

The lectures were entertaining and motivating; at times I felt I was hanging on their every word! I appreciate the way the lecturers used case studies to make it real which made it easy to apply to my own situation and life. Nicole’s knowledge and passion were infectious and the information was life-changing. I feel really confident to go out and practise Feng Shui with the knowledge and skills I have gained through this course.