Why Study Feng Shui at ACES?

The college provides the only nationally accredited Feng Shui course in Australia and our graduates established both of the Feng Shui Associations.

The college has trained over 70% of the Feng Shui consultants practising in Australia. WHY? because we offer the most comprehensive training, resources and field experience anywhere in Australia.

  1. Receive a government accredited feng shui qualification – the first of its kind in Australia.
  2. Funding options available to eligible students include: Austudy (apply via Centrelink) or $2000 grants (apply via VERTO (VIC, NSW, SA, WA) or Busy at Work (QLD, ACT, NT). Conditions apply.
  3. Our Feng Shui course is a ten-month full time / 2-year part time comprehensive course equivalent to 800 hours in duration.
  4. You can study with us, anywhere in the world. The entire course is conducted online and includes live zoom sessions.
  5. This is not a one man show. You will draw on the knowledge and skills of experienced trainers who run successful Feng Shui business’ and have extensive experience in the industry.
  6. Our staff are required to have formal teaching qualifications in adult learning.
  7. Extensive support during your training. For each subject, you will be assigned a trainer and we also have a full-time trainer on staff available 5 days per week. A significant majority of graduates maintain contact with us years after they complete the course!
  8. Our innovative learning platform (Moodle) makes learning easy. From the day you enrol in a subject, you will have access to all of the course materials, manual and videos which will enable you to complete the subject in a shorter period than 12 weeks if you so choose.
  9. You will be eligible to become a professional Feng Shui practitioner and gain membership via the Australasian Society of Feng Shui Consultants and/or International Feng Shui Association.

Any Questions?

More detail about college policies and procedures are available in Student Handbook. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our training please call us (1300 889 845) and we will be happy to help you with your query!