Cost: Advanced Diploma of Building Biology

Upfront fees for the entire course are not required, rather students pay for the subjects that they enrol in (pay as you go). Part payment options are available for on-campus subjects. The cost includes eleven subjects (ten core and one elective).

Subject 10 Core / 1 Elective Cost
Air Pollution Core $795
Sampling Methods Core $1,995
Building a Healthy Home Core $795
Building Materials Core $795
Business Skills Elective $795
Children’s Environmental Health Core $795
Electricity Fundamentals Core $795
Electrobiology Core $1,995
Feng Shui Foundations Elective $795
Geomancy Elective $795
Research Methods Core $1,495
Manage Work Priorities Elective $795
Mould Testing Core $1,995
Water Pollution Core $795

Any Questions?

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