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Rory Martin<span class=Rory Martin | (Architect)">

Rory MartinRory Martin | (Architect)

A great course that serves a niche, yet very important area between health and construction practitioners. In particular, I liked the practical component of the course in the selection and use of healthier building materials and design principles. Air and water pollution subjects were also enjoyable and informative as I could directly relate them to my profession as an architect.

Olga Flamuraj<span class=Olga Flamuraj | (Interior Designer)">

Olga FlamurajOlga Flamuraj | (Interior Designer)

Studying with ACES has been a life-changing experience – for the better! The support, knowledge, depth of experience and passion of the staff and lecturers are commendable, and I would like to thank all the lecturers for their efforts. And, then there is Nicole at the helm. Nicole, I think you truly are an amazing, inspirational woman. I find your vision, passion, dedication, incredible knowledge and commitment to raising people’s awareness of health hazards, and therefore improving the lives and health of others, is admirable and praiseworthy. Wow!