Career Opportunities

The majority of Feng Shui graduates work in private practice. Their clientele will generally range from residential homes, real estate agents to assist in selling properties, to businesses.

The college promotes a graduate’s business by referring the public to the consultant’s section of this website (this is free to our graduates). A Feng Shui consultant is commonly asked to provide insight into the following issues:

  • Why a business is struggling financially and how it can be improved
  • Ideas on merchandise positioning to maximise sales
  • Advice on how to make a house feel ‘homely’
  • To determine if the building is contributing to health problems
  • To clear a home before you move in
  • To create sacred space when people move into the house
  •  The ideal placement of furniture to assist with study and sleep
  • To address strange phenomena in a building
  • Landscape recommendations
  • Renovation ideas and many other reasons!

Any Questions?

More detail about college policies and procedures are available in ACES Student Handbook. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our training please call us (1300 889 845) and we will be happy to help you with your query!