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Professional Decluttering Course

Embark on a Journey with the Nationally Accredited Professional Decluttering Course

In a world where the demand for decluttering services is on the rise, mastering the art of organisation and space optimisation has never been more crucial. Enter the Australian College of Environmental Studies’ latest offering: the Nationally Accredited Decluttering Course. This comprehensive program equips aspiring Professional Organisers with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive […]

Tips to reduce your toxic load this EARTH DAY

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, especially when it comes to climate emergencies and global pollution. Despite the fact chemical pollution has recently crossed the planetary boundary safe for humanity and is threatening the integrity of the global ecosystem, exposure to manmade chemicals is anticipated to double and even triple in […]

The fluoride wars rage on

The fluoride wars rage on

The fluoride debate has been going on for decades. Only 6% of countries continue to fluoridate their water supply (including NZ, Australia, USA, Canada), based on the misplaced idea that ‘decades of research on fluoride prove it is safe’ despite the fact NONE of this research focused on its exposure in utero and consequences on […]

What Is Building Biology?

What is Building Biology? "Building biology is the evaluation and control of health hazards in the built environment. This involves assessing the home for allergens, toxicants, electromagnetic fields and biotoxins unique to a water-damaged building, and providing strategies to address exposure and/or source control and abatement." Nicole Bijlsma The extensive practical and theoretical training provided [...]